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Friends with Food Trucks...Aw Yeah!

So, many of you already know about my love of the food made by Mi Casita Plus and their awesome food truck. Some of you also share my passion for the Cajun+Mexican+Austin cuisine that Mi Casita is appropriately famous for. Their "Cubano" sandwich is unequaled in all the world.

Well, our friends that own the truck have agreed, once again, to park in in the vineyard for the April 9th Garden Market event and sell their food to any of our guests that want a great meal.

So, now we have collected the following awesomeness for April 9th for your edification:

1) Harvestmoon Country Grass will be playing a free bluegrass concert inside the King's Way Chapel starting a Noon-o'clock. The acoustics in that little chapel are superb, Sheila has a fantastic voice, the band are all amazing musicians, & Bluegrass is a genre that builds bridges.

2) Mi Casita Plus food truck will be onsite serving Lunch. Enough Said.

3) We will have local vendors present offering some cool things that we would love to see flourish.

4) I will be selling dozens of baby trees; Ginkgo Biloba, Oaks, Magnolias, Hardy Apricots, Black Cherry, name a few.

5) I will have dozens of medicinal herbs and culinary herbs. I have two plants that you are unlikely to find available for any price ANYWHERE between Florida and El Paso...but only 2 of them. ;)

6) Several Varieties of Hybrid and Heirloom Tomatoes - both determinate & indeterminate.

7) Several Varieties of Sweet Peppers and Hot Peppers.

8) Other Garden Veggies like Okra, Squash, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Beans...

9) We will have jars of our estate grown muscadine jelly - $8 for a 16 oz. jar.

10) T-Shirts, garden Signs, Birdfeeders, handmade birdhouses, Bird house DIY kits for kids, windchimes, "Bee" stickers, natural bug repellant, natural sun block...all kinds of cool stuff to get your gardening on.

So, all we need now is YOU.

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