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Growing Community!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

For those of you who chose to share part of your Saturday with us on April 24th: THANK YOU, we are extremely grateful! We had a blast and met a bunch of cool folks for the first time! I ate my first Cubano sandwich from Mi Casita Plus and it is literally the best sandwich I have ever eaten. So good!

These events are often exhausting but our family always enjoys all of the opportunities to meet new folks and talk about the things we share in common. We reflect on the events and talk about the people we meet & conversations we got into for weeks after the fact. Each of our vendor-friends brings something special to these gatherings and we love that very much. On April 24th we experienced another first for Grumpy's Garden Club that actually caught me off guard.

A new vendor named Jim, brought his sons out to Grumpy's Garden Club and set up a table offering assorted fig trees and berry plants for sale. When I met Jim for the first time three weeks ago I could tell after just a few minutes that we were cut from the same cloth. Jim has the kind of genuine passion and faith that causes a man to chase what he honestly believes in - even if other folks can't understand.

Nearing the end of the last sale, Jim asked if they could film a short interview with me and talk about the genesis of Grumpy's Garden Club on camera. I had not prepared, but talking is not usually a problem for me. ;) We set up in the driveway near the highway overlooking the vineyard and tried to talk over the passing traffic.

I answered Jim's questions candidly and then I went back to business. I honestly had no idea what to expect from what had just happened.

To my GREAT delight, Jim sent me an email link to the video he and his sons created of the "interview". He posted it on his Youtube channel called: "The Texas Boys".

I was genuinely blown away! At least one of Jim's sons must be a videographer with some real skills. The quality was far and away better than one might have anticipated for such a spur of the moment setup. The editing, the music; everything felt really professional and thoughtfully executed. The highway traffic didn't cooperate with us, but the video was such a good example of the synergy that we talked about that it PROVES the validity of the principle. Frankly, I could simply have never planned anything better than this serendipity!

So, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to "The Texas Boys" for producing such a cool video, surprising me with it, and proving my point to me all in one gesture! Truly fantastic.

I recommend that ANYONE interested in what Grumpy's Garden Club represents - also take a moment right now to look up The Texas Boys Youtube channel & learn more about their homesteading journey. It is fascinating story, inspiring effort, and Jim has such a beautiful family! I was very impressed with what they are doing, what they have accomplished with their kids, and I am convinced we align philosophically on a great many things. I feel privileged to have met them.

Check out The Texas Boys website where they post recipes, homesteading knowledge, and even have products available for purchase. Grumpy's Garden Club is excited to have Jim & The Texas Boys as such close neighbors!

You can view the interview between Jim & Steve by clicking the link below.

I love this stuff! Hope to see you all again soon!

~ Steve Hill (aka Grumpy)

Photo of a Wood Pallet painted like the Texas Flag posted by The Texas Boys.

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