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Last Spring Garden Market - Update!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Soon it will be May, and after that Summer, when I switch gears for propagating new plants. I will be focusing on getting ready for my FREE propagation clinic and hope to include everybody that is interested in learning how to reliably clone new plants. Be advised: cloning plants is REALLY fun!

But all that's still on the horizon.

What is coming up immediately is my LAST big garden sale before the Summer. This is my opportunity to sell out of all the plants remaining in the greenhouse that are ready to live somewhere else.

Here are some plant varieties I know I will have available at 9am on Saturday the 23rd.

(My prices ALWAYS include tax & are always rounded to the dollar.)

Six-Pack Veggies - All Varieties: $2/pack

Tomatoes - Several Varieties

4" Pots..... $1

6"-1 gal Pots..... $3

Peppers - Several Varieties (Hot & Sweet)

4" Pots..... $1

6"-1 gal Pots..... $3

Tomatillos: 6"-1 gal Pots..... $3

Ground Cherries: 6"-1 gal Pots..... $3

Giant Hostas: 5 gallon pots..... $7

Micro Hostas: 5" pots..... $3

Muscadine Vines: 1 gallon pots..... $4

Various Medicinal & Culinary Herbs:

4" Pots..... $1

6"-1 gal Pots..... $5

Shrubs: (Each priced below retail)

Carolina All Spice

Itea - 'Henry's Garnet'

Purple Sand Cherry

American Strawberry Bush

American Elderberry

...and more.


Tulip Poplars - 1-2 years old, 3-5gallon pots..... $6

Ginko Biloba Trees - 1-2 years old, 3-5 gallon pots..... $10

Chinkapin Oak Trees - 2 years old, 1-5 gallon pots..... $7

Hardy Apricot Trees - 1 year old, 1 gallon pots..... $5

Witch Hazel - 2 years old, 1-3 gallon pots..... $5

Various Japanese Magnolia - 2 years old, 3 gallon pots $ 7

Red Mulberry Trees - 1-2 Years, 1 gallon pots..... $5

Birdhouse craft kits for Kids - $5 each

Traditional Tuned Windchimes - $10 (retails for $21)

Coconut Birdhouse - $5

Woven Grass Birdhouse - $5

Grumpy's Garden Club T-Shirts - S, M, L..... $5

Books about edible plants, gardening, medicinal herbs...$10

All proceeds go toward completion of the production greenhouse so I can make cheaper plants.

Thank you for all of your support!

~ Steve

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