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Playing in the dirt is good, clean fun.

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Some ask me, "What is Grumpy's Garden Club all about?"

OUR FAMILY HAS DEEP ROOTS IN EAST TEXAS. We love the two seasons, the billions of bugs and the way your hair looks in 98% humidity. Mostly, we wanna be good neighbors!

EVERYBODY IS A GARDENER. People naturally cultivate what they love. This club was created to find a way to bring people together & spend time on what we have in common. Growing plants is a satisfying hobby & plants bring people together. We are hoping to grow a community of people that appreciate & celebrate the beauty & complexities of life.

WE ARE NOT A CULT, but that doesn’t mean we are boring! Each quarter we plan to issue our “irregular” newsletter highlighting timely garden tips, community events, outdoor clinics & other cool stuff to distract you from all your other responsibilities.

MEMBERSHIP IS A STATE OF MIND. There is no fee & never any obligation. Membership is free to all who ask for it & simply provides an opportunity to stay connected, informed, & involved in all the crazy garden stuff Grumpy is planning to do anyway. A good time will be had, you are welcome.

YES, WE SELL STUFF. The plants & products we offer for sale help fund this little adventure. We have other jobs so our primary interest is NOT making a profit. We believe that one basic way for folks to see a benefit of Grumpy’s Garden Club is for our product quality to be high & our prices to be low. Most of the garden supplies and plant stock will be priced well below retail. That is by design.

WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU. While we do our thing, you are likely somewhere doing your thing. We are genuinely interested in what you might teach us. Our operation is an open book; ask us how to grow something & we will give away every tip & trick we know.

Human beings are not all the same flavor & we sincerely believe that is a good thing! There is no competition in Grumpy’s Garden Club. We choose to heartily acknowledge that every gardener is unique & that is a reason to celebrate. We benefit from just having you here.

So, YOU ARE WELCOME. Want to know more, see where this social experiment goes, and get special deals on stuff you probably buy anyway? Well, then join the Club! Provide us with your name and email and we will include you on our roster. There is no secret handshake, but some “assembly” is required. ;)

w/luv, Grumpy

PS: Bloom where you are planted.

Image of the Grumpy's Garden Club logo with the tagline, "Where outsiders belong."
Are you an Outsider?

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