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Swappin' Seeds & Seedy Stories!

I accepted an invitation from my friends at Glade Creek Garden to attend a Seed Swap they hosted that the Lee-Bardwell Library in downtown Gladewater this past Saturday. I have grown to love seed swaps because the trade is always negotiable and you honestly have no way tof knowing what you will find there. There are so many awesome varieties of plants to grow and experiment with.

Greg & Amber had a great setup with lots of new items I had neveer seen before. I was lucky enough to take more than a few great seed candidates home with me to try in my own garden. It was also really cool when Greg pulled some items from his seed vault that he had set aside for me in particular because he knew I would like them. That reminded me what a garden club is all about.

So, I will not be hosting my own seed swap because I got that out of my system on Jan.27th. However, for those of you looking for locally saved seeds and other varieties from Greg & Amber's event the new Library Director is establishing a SEED VAULT at the Library.

All of the seeds I personally had left over from the swapping (LOTZ of them) were donated to the new Seed Vault in hopes that someone from our community might take advantage of that opportunity. It's hard to beat free seeds, y'all.

If you are interested in helping out by donating seeds, or if you are wanting to see what they have for your use - then just give the library a call and find out more. Contact info is provided below:

Lee-Bardwell Public Library

312 W. Pacific

Gladewater, TX 75647


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