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We LOVE garden action photos!

The tulips are almost gone and the Honor System setup is doing it's thing. But look!

We had a neighbor come by last weekend to check out our first garden market. It was the day before Spring became "official" and most of the plants I have prepared for 2022 are still sleepy. So, we had some bulbs, some succulents, and some birdhouses & windchimes deeply discounted.

She was interested in the tulips and bought two 1 gallon pots to take home.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from her later in an email. She included a photo of the tulips, which were blooming, and placed in a quaint little wrought-iron plant holder outside. that's when it dawned on me that I rarely get to see what actually happens to the stuff I am growing when it leaves our place.

So, just because, I'm going to post this picture and say "Thank you" again to Aleana, and all the rest of my new friends that make this hobby so rewarding.

I care about all of you.

~ Steve

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