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Coconut Coir Peat Block

Coconut Coir Peat Block

New for Spring 2024, I have acquired OMRI certified, naked Coconut Coir.

These compressed blocks weigh about 11 pounds each and expand to 2.5 cubic feet (18.7 gallons or 74.8 quarts) when rehydrated.  (w o w)


This exclusive offer is $5 bucks CHEAPER per block than Amazon....for 10% MORE good stuff.


This offer is over $15 cheaper than buying the smaller Coir Bricks at ALL the Big Box Stores! 

I know this, because that is how I USED to buy it myself.


YOU WILL NOT FIND A CLEANER COIR PEAT MEDIA FOR LESS MONEY ANYWHERE IN TEXAS.   This is a special offer JUST for my garden friends! (Yes, you ARE welcome!)


  • Premium Coir Coco Fiber Made from the best coconuts in the world.
  • Low EC (extremely low salt levels), washed multiple times in pure water
  • Each Compressed Coir Coco block size – ~ 11.8 x 11.8 x 4.5 (+/- 1) inches
  • Ph tested = 5.5 - 6.5 (perfection)
  • If you plan to start any peppers or tomato from seeds you need this!
  • If your soil could use a serious upgrade for improved drainage & superior water holding capacity (clay OR sandy) then you need this!
  • If you require the best bedding media available for your worm composting - then you need this!
  • If you like buying ridiculously good deals where the seller makes almost NO profit - then you need this!
  • If you like mixing your OWN soil blends and using nothing but top-notch, wholly organic ingredients - then you NEED this!


What are you actually waiting for?

~ Steve


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