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Charming Photo of the Plant nursery at night time.


Grumpy's Garden Club manages a small Plant Nursery

based in Union Grove, Texas. 

Our group was established in 2020 to cultivate the local community we live in

& promote what we would like to see flourish here.


Our methodology is to invite people to attend special events at our venue,

where we share the outdoor hobbies that bring us all Joy.

Our mission is to bless the people living in East Texas

and thus leave the World a better place.

Check out our blog,

Attend our Upcoming Events,

& Learn how to grow where you are planted!

No events at the moment

Growing With the Best...

We Promote the following Friends, Partners, & Significant Contributors in East Texas:


These are the people we choose to call friends.

Can we add your name to the list?


Listen to the Spotify Playlist Grumpy made just for You...

Working outside REQUIRES music in our opinion, but not everybody likes the same tunes.  So, I spent the last year curating a playlist with over 300 songs that inspire, encourage, celebrate, and promote all of us.  It is my sincere hope that this music selection enhances your gardening & community gathering experiences.  It was made with love. 

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