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Life has few guarantees.

However, I started Grumpy’s Garden Club to cultivate relationships in my community.


PEOPLE are my priority here.


Our Store’s Terms and Conditions:

1) If you have exchanged $ for a product or service I provided & you are unhappy with the result then please contact me directly via email or telephone as soon as possible.

2) I commit to working with you to resolve the matter amicably and as fairly as possible.

3) If a refund is warranted, I will issue a refund up to, but not to exceed, the full monetary value of the transaction.

4) Plants are living things that require caring attention and each specimen has very specific physical needs. No Warranties are stated or implied prior to the purchase of any live plants. That said, I care about you, so please revisit items #1-3 above.

5) steve is the sole proprietor of Grumpy’s Garden Club & this list of terms and conditions do not extend to or obligate any other vendors offering their own products or services at one of our community events.

Buyers should always perform their own due diligence prior to purchasing any product or service.

6) I dislike legal language, but authentic relationships require clear boundaries. I want ALL humans to be treated with dignity and respect. I am also a human.

7) I am not shy when it comes to sharing my actual thoughts and opinions.





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