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Chocolate Chip Ajuga - Going, going, gone...

I have about 35 of these little 4" Chocolate Chip Ajuga plants left for anyone that needs a great little ground cover in a shady spot.

This Ajuga got it's name from it's low-growing & rounded habit that resembles a chocolate chip cookie. Most of the year it happily grows in even the shadiest places with virtually no care needed. It is a fast spreading variety without being too aggressive, and it never requires pruning or trimming. It can easily be divided and propagated (without patents) so that you can spread it around your yard - or your friend's yards! It's a great little plant, but it does something "extra".

Once a year for about two weeks it puts up a pretty little purple bloom (see picture) when most of the surrounding landscape is still barely waking up from Winter. This Spring the ajuga bloomed a little later than the last several years and so I have some that are still in flower.

I have set my ajuga on the white iron table in the vineyard and invite any of our members to come by a pick some up for just a $1 donation per pot. Sales tax is included & No appointment needed.

See that little blue box nailed to yonder tree? That's where the "donations" can go.

In coming days I will be setting other beautiful plants in the vineyard that are ready for new yards.

Check back often to see what is available.

I'm pretty sure my three different colors of Sun Coleus in 1 gallon pots and tri-color Bougainvillea in 10" hanging baskets will be ready before this next weekend arrives.

Always grateful for your local support,

~ steve

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