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Grumpy's Planting Dates for 2023

My wife says that I am a list maker. I just like to think things through and arrange them on paper before I get work started. Many times my ideas never make it past the planning phase. That's ok sometimes. When it comes to something like planting a garden - it is hard to over-emphasize the planning required for bumper crops. However, there will be no harvest unless you plant something.

This year is 2023 and marks the third official year of Grumpy's Garden Club. As usual, I am already making preparations for planting seeds and one of my 1st preps is a planting schedule for the greenhouse. This work mostly consists of stealing information from almanacs, calendars, and old-timers that know the East Texas area well. None of it originates with me personally, but I am happy to gather it into one place and provide my free annual planting dates calendar as a PDF attachment to this post for your use.

I hope to see some of you soon at a seed swap I am planning later in the month of January.

Until then, stay warm, and scheme big!

Planting Dates 2023 - Grumpys Garden Club - Union Grove, TX
Download PDF • 327KB

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