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It's kinda like having your own Money Tree!

I am not primarily motivated by profit; instead I am one of those that focuses more on proving a theory. I love experimenting and trying out ideas even if they do not pan out like I thought they might. Success is thus defined as learning something valuable - not necessarily being the best or having the highest production.

One theory I have been working on for a while is the idea behind our club. I am trying to test the concept of an "abundance mindset" which can be summarized as success through promoting others. This is the organizing principle behind Grumpy's Garden Club. It is what I base the majority of my decisions on and the starting point for all future experiments.

Plants are a nearly universal love. Almost every human being has some kind of connection to the outdoors and beauty of nature. Some love getting their hands dirty and participating in the natural processes that populate our planet with all the colors, shapes and textures of the natural environment. I am speaking to those of you in this post.

Plant Propagation is a great deal of fun and it can be a very fulfilling hobby. If you like surrounding yourself with plants then learning how to generate MORE plants is a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life, and could end up saving you thousands of dollars. I would LOVE the be the one that teaches this valuable skill if you do not currently know how to make more plants for yourself. It is VERY easy and it is fascinating to witness both the process and the results!

If I was a more traditional "nurseryman" I would NEVER want you to learn how to propagate plants on your own. That would mean losing potential business with every plant you propagated. However, I am NOT doing this for the money - I am doing this because I love being a part of our community and I believe having more things in common makes us more likely to live in harmony.

Additionally, I am actually encouraging folks who are interested in plants to begin cultivating their own backyard plant nurseries! I think it would be FANTASTIC if each one of my garden sale events had a dozen or more club members selling the plants they grew themselves! In this way, your hobby could end up funding itself - or better yet - you could use your plants to turn a real profit!

The potential is actually exponential. For each mother plant I put in my landscape, I can take dozens of cuttings from within just a few weeks. Each of those cuttings is a clone of the parent and a potential landscape plant I can sell, or give away as a gift, or just plant out in my yard. Mature plants can provide literally hundreds of cuttings in a single season and if only 50% of those cuttings were to become viable plants you can see how the numbers could add up quickly.

Maybe you don't have any interest is starting a business, or selling plants. That's no reason to skip my FREE plant propagation clinic on May 21st. Plants make some of the most appreciated gifts and they can add years of enjoyment to the recipient. Propagating plants has provided me with a really easy way to be generous. I love it when folks get excited about the plants I provide them.

So, think about it. If you would like to learn a new skill that is VERY simple and costs virtually nothing to learn or practice - BUT could provide you with savings or even profits for the rest of your life...then check out the free clinic I am hosting in the vineyard on May 21st. I will give away every secret tip and trick I have for YOUR benefit. I will even show you how I grow my plants in my own little greenhouse. Finally, I will have some kits available for those of you that want to get serious, but do not care to build your own.

This is my passion. I would love for you to be a part of it.

~ Steve

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