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Hey everybody!

I just wanted to announce that I have decided to setup a couple of tables in the Vineyard where I will be staging a special opportunity for the club.

The arrangement will be based on selling plants full-time, all season using the "Honor System". This will expand your access to the plants we are growing and make them available to you when they are at their highest value.

These opportunities are oriented more toward our members, but the public is always welcome. So, feel free to tell your friends about it and let us know what kinds of things you would like to see us provide in the future.

I am mounting a blue box to a nearby tree this Friday for folks to insert their cash payments. In the future I will be posting a QR code and other means to make digital payment as well. The asking price will be clearly marked on each pot, and as always, I offer all my plants below retail.

I hope this effort will provide even more value to our club than just discounted prices.

Thanks for growing with us!

~ Steve

Freedom PrepperKim
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